Morning Inspiration: Diversity


Sitting at @coletteparis I can't help but notice the mixture of people happily co-existing under one roof. The richest of snobs, the youngest with ambition, the regular joe, and the creative all under one roof. Nobody is judging, nobody is better, nobody really cares what there neighbor looks like. It is rare I walk into an establishment without people questioning my attire. Everyone here happy, everyone unique. As I look down at the table cloth even the mix of faces are eclectic. Life is about doing your own thing and accepting your neighbor. With the most wicked of karma, if you judge, expect to be judged. Nobody has to adapt, they just have to accept not expecting others to conform. What makes the day interesting is learning about others, and teaching them about yourself. Never change for anyone, but never expect others to change for you. It's #Saturday and I am tasting water at a fucking water bar. You don't have to love thy neighbor, but you should learn to co-exist. The same way that you to do your own thing, let others do them. Wars are started by ignorance, they could be avoided with acceptance. Choose how you walk through the world, but bless the others with the same grace.#morninginspiration #vintageframes