Morning Inspiration: Life is an Adventure


Like an MC needs one mic, I need one bag. Life is an adventure, creativity is the ride. Without perception of life we are lost. As a creative person I am driven by different things. Much like every other creative sometimes we hit blocks. That doesn't necessary mean that our creativity runs out, it may just mean it is time to give it a boost. Many people get blocked in life by themselves, or own surroundings. The only one who can do something is you! The only way to do it is to KEEP MOVING! As a many companies rely on my insanities it is my duty to keep it fresh. When I feel like I need that boost, I grab one #MCM knapsack, and I am off. The destination irrelevant, the point of the journey priceless. If you find yourself needing inspiration, find it! Nothing in life comes to you, get off your ass and go and get it! It's #thursday and I haven't had an adventure in a fucking minute. Don't know where I am headed, I just know I will be roaming the Parisian streets! Rain, sun, or snow it will be visions that will drive my journey. Dare to keep moving, it is often the simplest answer to progression. Even though a rut can be mental, a little physical movement may just be what you need. Where there is a will, there is a way! It is up to you to harness that will and find that way! #morninginspiration #vintageframes