Morning Inspiration: Legacy

Vintage Frames Company Morning Inspiration Legacy


Legacy is to provide a trace. People want to be remembered by default, give the world something to remember you by. We were all placed on the earth to be something, what that is becomes entirely up to us. As people we choose our path, ultimately we choose what to mark. It doesn't matter where you come from, with a little heart, you can accomplish anything. A legacy can be good or bad, it is just what mark we leave on the world. Nobody takes money with them when they are gone, however a reputation lasts forever. You can spend all your money, you can't spend your reputation. Money comes and goes, it is a misconception that's what makes the world go round. Successful doesn't have a dollar value, it has accomplishment. Before you carve into that tree, make sure you think about what you are carving. It's #Wednesday and we are proud and dead set about carving VFC into the fucking wood. No matter how successful someone else may be financially there will always be someone richer with spirit. Life is in our hands from day one, it's our choice what rules to play by. Money can be spent, but they can never spend your stride.#morninginspiration #VintageFrames