Morning Inspiration: The Struggle

Morning Inspiration: The Struggle

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Life is a beautiful struggle. Many people look at "given" riches as lucky, most of the time they are mistaken. Nothing in life has any meaning unless you earn it. It's the blood, sweat, and tears that add value, not the dollar amount. We live in a society that progressively gets lazier. The Internet has allowed people to be distant and industries to be without heart. I own a couple of buildings, some of which I ripped apart, others purchased in perfect shape. I may have bitched, screamed, and sweat, but it was the struggle that was exciting! When everything is given to you, what real meaning does life have? Without struggle, there is no beauty. Never envy the lazy, never envy the rich. Most lazy people are bored, and most rich people are un-happy. Sometimes the most meaningful lives are the simplest, it is not what we take with us that determines our happiness. Be proud of the bottom, and work to the top. Without a struggle, we are nothings it's #tuesday and I remember the struggle of building @notoriousmtl and I wouldn't have done it any other fucking way! Success is a misconception, only you know when you have succeeded. The struggle is real, the outcome is worth it. Complaining about the journey is normal, it documents the path. Very often you will see it's not the outcome of the journey that matters, it's the road that was taken. #morninginspiration#vintageframes

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