Morning Inspiration: Shine

Morning Inspiration: Shine

Morning Inspiration Vintage Frames Company Gold Plate Hat Exclusive


Everything we do has a meaning; life is meaningless without direction. We walk through life wondering, but very often the answer is right in front of us. Every product we create has a social value. It is a constant reminder for our community that they can be great. Ten photographers tried to shoot our N#1#Snapback, all had troubles. Like the sword in the stone, the ultimate goal was a clear shot, all photographers got a reflection of themselves. What they failed to understand was that was the point! We are all N#1, sometimes all it takes is a reflection of self to remind us. It is what we see in the golden plate of the N#1 #hat that is important, NOT the logo behind it. As it beams in the sun, much like you should be, it's reflection is blinding. It stands out amongst crowds, as should you. It reminds us what we are after, not what we should settle for. It makes the statement , and we would not have it any other way. There is nobody greater than you! We all have greatness in us, it just takes the brave to walk into the sun and let it glare! It's #Monday and if you feel you are second best, here is your fucking chance to change that! Today is your day, never let the moment pass you by! Tomorrow is an excuse, you need no excuses in your life! Be proud of yourself and shine bright like gold in the sun! If you think you have been great, the best is yet to come!#MorningInspiration #VintageFrames

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