Morning Inspiration: Congratulations on Losing

Morning Inspiration: Congratulations on Losing

Morning Inspiration fuck second place


CONGRATS on 2nd place, you were the first to lose! Nobody enters a race just to place, they enter to win! The person that told you he was content with second place lied, he was pissed there was someone before him. We control our destinies, and ultimately that means WE give ourselves our own ranking in life. If you didn't finish first, and know why you finished second you, didn't do good enough. People sugar coat the idea, but I'm going to be brutally honest with you, NOBODY CARES about anything but first place. The sooner we accept that we are in a competitive society, the easier it will be to digest how we get to first place. Contenders come and go, but nobody gets a "second place" endorsement deal. If you plan to get in the "race" remember there will always be someone with less morales then you. There will always be someone who will stop at nothing. There will always be someone to do you dirtier.if you have a goal, stick to it! Anything that gets in your way is just a casualty waiting to happen. It's #Sunday a day for people who lost to think about how they could have fucking won. This ain't a dream, it's your reality. If you don't think it's fair, stay home! If you can't stomach the pain, you don't deserve to race. Ain't nobody looking for that second place runner, don't let society lie to you and tell you otherwise.#morninginspiration #vintageframes

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