Morning Inspiration: Be Yourself

Morning Inspiration: Be Yourself

Morning Inspiration Be Yourself Sunglasses


I don't believe it's the clothes that make the man, I do however believe its the #sunglasses that make the man thrive. My company is the leader in the#VintageSunglasses industry, not only because of our size, and stock, but because of the way we do things. We are famous for disregarding the way#VintageShades for your face, but rather fitting it to your personality. I have seen the lowest of self esteem, becomes a lion with the simple addition of a#Cazal. I have seen the dullest of people put on a#Mikli frame and become the wildest of dudes. I have seen business people throw off competition by simply changing their #frames. There is a lot said about personality, many times it outweighs knowledge. People get to where they are because they are personable, not necessarily because of what they know. Confidence is king, nothing else really matters. If you say you can do something and believe it, YOU CAN! Nothing is impossible, and their is nothing wrong with adding some flare to boost your confidence. We are all imperfect, and there is something beautiful about that. Whoever you think you can become, you can! Sometimes it just takes a little eyewear to push your confidence on its way. It's #saturday and I am taking the fucking day off, period! The guy behind his shades is the man he is, but with those frames he is the man he is to become. The slightest variations to person, can change the whole game. No one person is the same, no one trigger is even similar. Express yourself in only ways you can. That is the true value of self. #morninginspiration #vintageframes

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