Morning Inspiration: Corporate is Misunderstood

Morning Inspiration cash register notorious


Out of school I was misunderstood. To be honest in school I was misunderstood, but that's a whole other story. I needed guidance, and wasn't sure what to do with my talents. Being raised in the hip-hop community people were divided. Some wanted a pat on the back, others wanted to get paid. In my case, my back was sore as fuck, I wanted to get paid! People always talked shit about corporate jobs, but fuck that, they were getting corporate cheques. While those people were angry about change, those "changers" were making dollars. One needs to decide what the motivation is. Too many people want to be the "cool guy" but that can't happen if your motive is the all mighty dollar. Respect is almighty, but some people die respecting the wrong things. Life is about balance, you choose your percentages. It's #Friday and bottom line I need a fucking vacation to get back my balance. There is no such thing as "selling out" it's simply about selling. Buy low sell high, start from the bottom end up at the top. Being the man is cool, but being stable is even cooler. Act in the moment, love for the future, fuck what everyone else thinks. We all get a chance to live our own balance, make sure your scale tips the way you want. #morninginspiration#vintageframes