Morning Inspiration: Do It Yourself

Morning Inspiration Number One Snapback Hat


My team ain't bullet proof, but we'll be dammed if we let someone else stand In our way. People come at us and go, but that's just business. We aren't #Richkids, we had the same struggle as most of you. We show up at events on time, not walk in late and ask people to start over again. We don't want other people's lives, we have our own. We wipe our own asses, not have Westmount spoon feeders. My dad once copped me a civic, and then took it away when I fucked up. None of us ever accepted our success, we always want more. We don't take credit for what are parents did, we are different people. We want to be known as our own person, not daddy's little boy. We show up to meetings on our own, not with our mommy. We don't need to buy coolness, we don't care about being cool. We have people who count on us, and we refuse to let them down. We went to many different high schools, we got booted from the best of them. We have accepted our faults, and live with them everyday. Our parents don't buy us out of trouble, even if they could, they wouldn't. We don't use lawyers, we show up face to face. We were the underdogs and we fought hard for where we are today. We are the prime example of what can be done, only YOU can do it better. It's #Thursday and we wear N#1 #snapbacks because that just who we fucking are! Never accept second place, if there is something better, YOU can be better. Never try someone else's life, you will only miss out on your own. Pick your battles wisely, you never know what your opponent has up his sleeves. It takes on spark to make you wild, there is a #maniac in us all. If you accept anything but number one, you are giving up on yourself. #morninginspiration #vintageframes