Morning Inspiration: Living

Morning Inspiration: Living

Morning Inspiration Ace of Spaces and Barber Scissors


If you can't say you're living, you're already dead. Waking up to anything but excitement is no way to live life. Feeling life is on repeat creates depression. Motion is in your hands! You never know until you try. People can profess to know, but it's all talk until they do! Living is the thrill of victory, and equally the motion of defeat. Nobody is perfect, don't even try! We make mistakes, but as long as we keep moving all we do is learn and progress. What motivates you is your own business, it shouldn't matter to anyone else. Get up, and get money! Ain't nobody in this world can stop you. To overcome it only takes faith, there are no rules just bullshit boundaries that you set within. Jump higher, reach taller, go bigger! Life is a school yard, don't let teachers tell you what to do. It's #Wednesday and I'm at @notoriousmtl lined with #versace and #AceOfSpades none of which would have been possible unless I fucking tried! Better then trying, you can do! Believe in yourself, if you don't nobody else will. Fuck the norm, we set that shit up anyways! Life is change, be the one to change it. #morninginspiration #vintageframes

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