Morning Inspiration: Shadows

Vintage Frames Company Morning Inspiration Cast a Shadow


We don't live in people's shadows, we create our own. The mystery of the darkness is that we create it. A shadow can be tamed with a simple step. The darkness of life can be avoided if we walk into light. The misconception of misery is that it's cause within. We give ourselves limitations, that's our own doing. It is the uncomfortable state brewing inside that holds us back. Nobody is better then you! The only reason they may be more successful is because you let them be. We all have equal opportunity to progress, some of us drown out our own possibilities with excuses. We can choose the darkness, or choose the light, the key is WE choose! You were meant to be great, you were meant to radiate. There is nothing magnetic about creating darkness. It's #Tuesday and I woke up to play monopoly on the sunny side of the fucking street. Live everyday as if its your last. Make every attempt as if its your best. Take every chance as if you will make it. Only you can make YOU succeed, only you can create your own light. #morninginspiration#vintageframes