Morning Inspiration: Innovation

Morning Inspiration: Innovation

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All morning I've been giving interviews for the opening of my new #barbershop @notoriousmtl. The number one point of discussion has been heritage. Every reporter wanted to know what we would be doing to keep an "old school" #barberheritage in such a modern concept. Here is the truth people, heritage is to respect and never forget, That doesn't mean you can't do it better! Every subject has a starting point, hopefully the idea developes on an incline. Just because a "hot shave" was typically done one way, doesn't mean it couldn't be innovated into being shaved with a #gold razor. This concept stands true to anything in life, always respect, but never let an idea be stunted because of the past. That norm was created off of innovation, it took an innovator to create that base. Amongst our society there is people who except, or people who believe it can be done better. Without that forward thinking we would still be living in the 1920's. It was once a dream that got it there, it is now a dream that will advance it to move on. It's#Monday and time for us all to start something fucking new! Everyone will always tell you that you can't, only you can decide if you do. We all choose what path to take, but who the fuck wants to regress. The quicker you realize you are only proving to yourself, the easier it will be. Find the ultimate innovation, respect what has been done, but progress that idea like only you can.#morninginspiration #vintageframes

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