Morning Inspiration: Weight On Your Shoulders

Vintage Frames Morning Inspiration Corey Shapiro Instagram


Five businesses, a family, employees, mortgages, and responsibilities at times I feel like the world is on my back. Instead of plugging away at my responsibilities I get overwhelmed with the amount of things there are to do. Fortunately I have the ability to clear my mind, but some don't. People including myself need to realize the weight of the world is not on our shoulders, we just imagine it there. Too much time is waisted in planning, not enough in doing. Worrying ages us, it also takes away from concentration on the tasks at hand. Everything can be accomplished, we just need to attack it with a level head. It's own to feel overwhelmed, it's ok to stand back and breathe. Everyday I feel like I am in a race, when I stop to look around I realize I am only racing with myself. As a detailed orientated person, my joy is often in the little things. How can you admire the little things if you speed right through it? Whatever you need to do, will get done! The secret, simple! Stop worrying, get of your ass, and do it! It's #saturday and after a new approach to the week, I feel fucking weightless. Life is complicated by us complicating it! Nobody got you into a situation except for yourself. We all have the ability to choose, live with your choices. Much like the statue of this man in @notoriousmtl if we would stop to take a minute, we would realize there is really nothing there but an empty weight.#morninginspiration #vintageframes