Morning Inspiration: Opportunity

Morning Inspiration: Opportunity

Vintage Frames Morning Inspiration September 13


Nothing is too big, but equally important, nothing is too small. There is a real life struggle from the bottom to the top, those who forget that, don't deserve their fruits. I hang around a diverse mix of businessmen, all with different agendas. As big as a company can get, it is always sad when people forget their beginnings. If it wasn't for someone, somewhere, giving me a chance, I would have never grown. It takes one person to give you an opportunity, you get one shot to prove them right. As I bang through interviews with "new" companies who seem blown away that I am taking the time to do that, I explain to them that everyone needs a chance, here's there shot, lets make it happen. There is a certain value in community, without their support no business could have grown. Just because you went up the bean stalk, doesn't mean you leave the world behind. Every climb needs constant support, as soon as you forget that, people start chopping at your bean stalk. If you look down at the world below, help them become the world above. It's #Friday and I'm not interested in this climb unless y'all are fucking with me. People may not understand why I take the time to do this, well here it is. It took one person to motivate me, even though the world had been telling me the same thing, but in a different language. The support I got in my journey, is the support I and everyone else with me owes you! Never think you are too small for any climb, we all started at the same place. Very often that one in you have been looking for is a lot more attainable then you may think.#morninginspiration #vintageframesFollow 

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