Morning Inspiration: The Modern Businessman

Morning Inspiration The Modern Businessman


Welcome to 2013. Business is not restricted to a suit, success is not walked in dress shoes. Allow me to introduce myself; my name is Corey Shapiro and I am the #louboutin wearing, #mcm carrying,#vintagesunglasses sporting, bearded CEO of The Vintage Frames Company. In a room full of businessmen, few would pick me out as successful. In a room full of businessmen I fail to blend in. In a room full of businessmen I do not conform to the norm. My generation has recreated business, and had a new look for success. The people that frown upon us are the people who's lives we have overshadowed. Jeans sagging, we make the same important choices as any other CEO. Business can no longer be paired with a suit, it can be equally accomplished in sweatpants. From the comfort of our cell phones, we can rule the world. Just because it has been done one way, doesn't mean you can't do it another. As I sit here in the airport and this dude in the pic looks down at me from behind his newspaper, he doesn't realize I am not trying to prove myself. The reality is I am just doing me. It's #Thursday and I am heading to invade#Toronto with a vintage frames style fucking bang. From this very cell phone, in this luxurious seat I just closed a deal in Japan. That shot would make this dude sick, but FUCK HIM! The clothes don't dictate the businessman, the heart does. Make calls that you want to make, not that society expects you to. When one day those conformists need you, the tables will quickly turn. #morninginspiration#vintageframes