Daily Motivation: What Do You Stand For?

Daily Motivation: What Do You Stand For?

Stand for Something Morning Inspiration

We all stand for something. Some behind a country, some behind an idea, some behind a brand. It is what we believe in that makes us great. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, if we all had the same this would be one fucked up planet! It is the differences and beliefs that make us unique! Pride becomes a very interesting subject. I have seen the most righteous showdowns over pride, and some of the greatest losses because of it. I have seen friends become enemies, and enemies become friends. I have also seen communities come together for their beliefs. I chose who I co-sign very wisely, as do the people i do-sign. We all started at the bottom, and are on a constant journey to reach the top. We make choices that benefit ourselves, but we make moves that benefit each other. Even though we may be on different playing fields, we populate the same team. It is this notion that represent unity! It is this notion that showcases pride! Whatever you stand for, STAND FOR! It's#Wednesday and as you already know I co-sign@40oz_van and stand for my fucking country! It takes heart. It takes commitment. It creates pride! Even though we come from different places we are united by what we stand for. It is your world, your life, make sure you stand for something! #morninginspiration #vintageframes

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