Morning Inspiration: "Choose Your Weapon"

Morning Inspiration: "Choose Your Weapon"

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Choose your weapon. #Barbers have one chair.#Painters have one can. #Poets have one mic. A chair is just a chair without talent behind it. A can is just paint without the skills to use it. A mic is just electronics without a poetic melody. In life we choose our weapons, but it's the skills behind it that add its value. Objects are nothing without the puppeteer. Having the best #baseball glove doesn't make you catch. Society as a whole has forgot what is behind the items. The importance has been put on the item itself, instead of the skills needed to use it. People forget that skills do exist! You cannot buy hand skills, only paint! Without knowing what to do with that can't you can never achieve beauty. The simplest things are what makes the man, not the things the man has. Strip us down to nothing, in the nude is how we would need to survive. Never hide behind objects, eventually an object will deteriorate. Skills however are with us forever. It's #Monday at @notoriousmtl and take away the chair, our skills are just as good as if we were fucking naked. You can't buy class, you learn it. Life isn't about the bling, it about what earned you the bling. Anybody can buy a military jacket, but how many can earn the stripes. Life is about being comfortable in the nude, anything else is just flare.#morninginspiration #vintageframes

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