Morning Inspiration: "Bricks"

Morning Inspiration: "Bricks"


Sitting at the same breakfast place my grandfather used to take me I can't help but remember the in depth business discussions I was fortunate enough to sit in on when I was a kid. While people talked, I listened. Forget about the food, I was interested in the food for thought. One of the wealthier leaders of the group used to say "you got gold on your hands". This never meant actual physical gold, just the idea of it. The idea of having something so precious that you cherished it like a precious metal. Gold comes along rarely in a lifetime, the intelligent will stack their bricks. The value of an idea paved in gold only rises, never falls. When your empire is attacked make sure it's treated like you are protecting bricks. Nobody cares about silver or bronze, we only enter a race to win gold. Hurtles, obstacles, winding roads we are only one color. In life when you find something so precious you will fight for its honor and defend it at all costs. This is what separates a long term mentality from just someone just in awe of a visual. It's #Wednesday and silver was never my color, we're going for fucking gold. The simplest of objects and theories can spark a different form of determination. An idea is only as good as the execution, if it's that good make it your brick. Once moulded and ready to store, stamp your fucking name on it and don't let anyone take it away.

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