Morning Inspiration: "One Bleeds, We All Bleed"

Morning Inspiration: "One Bleeds, We All Bleed"

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A movement is an army, one leader, many point men. Their presence is felt when they are in motion, they march through the battlefield. When one soldier bleeds, everyone feels it. When one soldier triumphs, they all celebrate. When one solider is victorious, everyone shares in the victory. My business is like an army, everyone battles for one goal. We run the program like we are all generals, everyone contributing their specialty. We come in many shapes, sizes, and forms. It is our individuality that contributes to the group. Without our business blanket we may have never spoken, but when we are in here, we are all one. Many different experiences contribute to our daily outlook. It is the respect that we pay to each other that allows us to advance. You are only as strong as the weakest link, either you help them grow, or cut them from the squad. Whatever choice you make, leave no man behind. Your squad has one goal, first place. There is no room for second place. It's#Friday and I just copped all my generals some fucking army jackets. Nobody remembers who came in second. Don't let anyone tell you it's cool to be last place. The winning team feeds their family, they are hungry, let them eat. Business is a constant battlefield, FUCK 2ND PLACE. #morninginspiration#VintageFrames

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