Morning Inspiration: "Delegate"

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For many years I got up early to eat breakfast at a deli in #Montreal. The #food was pretty shit, but it was what was served with #breakfast that made all the difference. A groups of experienced elder men would gather and talk about how things were. There is an old school #clothing mentality that one can do everything. When our parents were younger one man shows were rather common. From packing to shipping to design, they did it all. With the world now closer then ever an extended amount of activities is added to every day. This brings forth the most valuable question: how does one prioritize? I joke around with this picture because as I enter my new #barbershop @notoriousmtl I am faced with many tasks. On one hand I must dig outside, and sweep inside. On the other hand I must finish ordering products and file business proceedings. Can I do it all? NO! In a shop striving for perfection every little thing is equally important. It is the smallest of details that make the difference. Without delegating the importance of each activity all we are doing is spinning a wheel. Without admitting that we can't do it all we are waisting time. The same thing applies to our personal life. We are constantly faced with choices, tasks, and goals. Which the most important to fulfill often becomes hard to see. The truth is you can never be everywhere at once. Most things in life can wait. The most important thing in life is your health, don't culture your life span with useless worries. Most things work themselves out, the others, were never meant to be. It's #Friday and it looks like ill be sweeping though the fucking weekend. Don't sweat the little things, just get them done. 99% of failure is stress. 99% of stress is made up internally. We spend more time worrying about the pile up, then attacking the pile. The simple reality of life is everything can be accomplished with a deep breath, and some forward motion. #morninginspiration#vintageframes