Morning Inspiration: "Experience The View"

Morning Inspiration: "Experience The View"

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The journey is up, never down. Even as we fail, it should only plateau. The road is long, it is never straight. The view, only gets better as you climb. There is no time for baggage, keep it light. There is no time to nurture bruises, they will heal. There is no time to cry at obstacles, you will figure it out. Life may not be fair, only you can change that. Life may be mysterious, only you can discover the truth. Life will always be what you make of it. There will be snakes on the ladders, they will try to slighter you down. There will be falling bricks, just tell them to lookout below. If it is your destiny, reach for the sky! The best thing about the climb will always be the experience of the view. It's#Thursday and we did this, one #boombox at a fucking time. Build high, ground low. Reach for the sky, never for below. The options and many possibilities of what you can be is up to you. Only you can start to climb, only you can determine your fate. #morninginspiration#vintageframes

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