Morning Inspiration: "The Motion"

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We are all searching for something. We all have that unicorn that is almost in our grasp. My company started with an attachment to a #Cazal 951#vintagesunglasses. My grandfather wore this frame religiously. It was buried into my mind that I was to hunt the original color way. Many people didn't think the color existed. Some believed it was a dream. Days turned into weeks, weeks to months, months to years. What I had collected on my quest was just about every other pair of #vintage #sunglasses I had found in my search for this frame. This quested turned into Vintage Frames. The point of the giant ramble is that it wasn't the glasses that was the prize it was the journey. The most satisfaction is on the trail, when you finally catch that unicorn, it leaves you empty. Some of us work for#money, while others find out at the end we work to work! It is the passion of the drive that can often be the reality of what we are looking for. It's #WednesdayI found the #cazals and forgot about them, it's the journey I will never fucking forget. Once you have started the trail, you have already won. It's the motion that you will learn to cherish, not the prize. The sense of accomplishment is often greater than the payout. Learn to live the chase of life, it's pretty fucking boring when you accomplish all your goals.#morninginapiration #vintageframes