Morning Inspiration: "Nothing In Life Is Free"

Morning Inspiration: "Nothing In Life Is Free"

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With a crowbar in hand, even the most upper level management need to get dirty. Nobody starts at the top, and lasts. Everyone starts at the same place, the minute we enter the world we are off to the races. The real dudes start running before they can walk. Life isn't about excuses, it about action. The richest ain't the most privileged, they are often the laziest. You can pass down wealth, but not work ethic. The most sound advice you can ever get is that NOTHING in life is free. Everything comes with a string. Charity isn't really charity, it's usually someone trying to pawn off their guilt. People aren't as genuine as you think, be smarter and look for the ulterior motive. People will show you the "A", but always look for the "B". As I sit here in my homies grimy ass office, it humbly reminds me that even the most successful get dirty. I may sign the cheques, but I also break down the walls.#Louboutins are a sign of prestige, but sweat will always carry more weight. The weak get strong, and the strong get weak. Get off the sofa, sit on the floor. Step down from the podium, get back on the street. The second you feel life is a hand out is the exact second life will reach and take it back. It's #monday the high horse is dead, get back to fucking reality. The realtor moguls once built walls, their edge is never forgetting. The restaurant owner once served tables, that taught them the hustle. The #vintagesunglassesdude used to clean lenses, I have the acidic finger scars to remind me. It was the bottom that started the top, never forget the climb. The wisest of business people always need to go back to their roots, living in the clouds is a bunch of fictional air.#morninginspiration #vintageframes

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