Morning Inspiration: "Test Of Time"

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The steps from imagination to reality are long. The only thing that happens overnight is failure. Nothing was built in an hour, at least nothing that will stand the test of time. My grandfather let me take his #Cazal 951#vintagesunglasses, the imagery became my reputation. My #boomboxes were "thrown" out of my#house, they became my #office walls. The process of taking my idea to reality required a #thinkingcap, that metaphor became my first branded product. All of these ideas I nurtured into reality, the trick was simple, work. Nothing in life is a bad idea except and idea that is left on the shelf. You never know what will work until you try! Just like you wouldn't want to be counted out before you start, either should an idea. The most insanely minor detail of your reality can be turned into a #business, all you need is the time to realize it, and the drive to move it. Nine times out of ten that business idea you have been looking for is lurking in your environment waiting to be sprouted. Turn on your #stereo, pop on your #glasses, and put on your#cap and who knows, you may just see the next VFC. It's #Sunday and its not a lazy day, your just a lazy fucking person. There are more then 31 one flavor a to life, are you trying to taste others or create your own! "No limit" isn't just a rap group, it's a slogan that people live by. Turn garbage to dollars, and ideas to empires. All you need to start motion is energy. Open your eyes, breath, and think, the idea you have been waiting to plant has been in front of you this whole time. Good luck! #morninginspiration #vintageframes