Vintage Rochas 4811 OBV (Pink Lens) Sunglasses Available At Vintage Frames Shop

A Handsome man , Marcel Rochas , abandoned a career in law to start designing beautiful clothing. At the age of 22 , Marcel not only found his creative mind , but inherited a talent of color and form from his father . He found a lady that took his heart , Helene . He molded her into his “ideal muse’’ , she was one of Paris’ celebrated beauties . “ The Rochas house identity is established - ladylike with a cool-girl edge .” With Rochas creative mind of color and form , adding the touch of his wife’s ideas , with wanting to please a lady’s eye he came up with beautiful pieces .
Rochas has a beautiful , feminime collection of vintage glasses . Vintage Frames Company has a pair of Rochas 4811 OBV ( Pink Lens ) . These glasses are a beautiful light pair of frames for the ladies . The color is gold , with a solid lens , the style is Aviator , which makes them the “cool-girl” edge . These sunglasses are sold at for the price of $349.99