Morning Inspiration: "New Paths"

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Every step we take, another marker. Every print we leave, another form of documentation. Every scuff on our#sneaker, another story to tell. Growing up as a passionate member of the #hiphop culture #shoes were always a landmark to me. Much like the white t-shirt, #kicks needed to be extra crispy. I remember my first touring experiences. Every city we went, another pair of fresh footwear. The symbolism of the purchase was almost more significant then the wear. Every time that fresh pair was put on their was a sense of accomplishment, there was a sense of new. Everybody needs a reset to their day. Every person has a different trigger. For me, a new pair of #louboutins is exactly what I need for a reset, for others, it will be different. Vain or not, there is always something that triggers a feeling to move on. An object, an emotion, a saying, everyone gets ignited differently. The importance of being able to feel like you have started a new on your journey is what will provide longevity to your walk. It's#Wednesday and even though I am walking the same path, my #louboutinmakes me feel like I have never fucking walked here before. It's important to be in tune with yourself. Even though you are aware of triggers, it doesn't mean you should let them fall to the waist. Everyone needs some extra fuel, just know what fuels you. If creativity on your feet causes a creative day, roll with it! The finishing line is the goal, the path is the choices, the trigger is the fuel. See you at the finishing line. #morninginspiration#vintageframes