Vintage Versace Brooch VS097 Available At Vintage Frames Shop


In 1994 Elizabeth Hurley accompanied Hugh Grant for the premier of “Four Weddings and a Funeral’’ . To that event she wore a Versace dress that was known for it’s pieces of silk and lycra fabric . These fabrics were held together by Oversized gold safety pins. This dress and the way it’s designed made it a controversy , the vintage gold pins are now well-known since that dress was made.
Vintage Frames has a rare vintage Versace VS 097 Brooch that’s gold , with the Medusa head . This VS097 brooch is for the price of $399.99 . This Versace brooch is also unisex , men and women can add this piece for their outfit. Visit under brooches , for this exact Versace Brooch .
versace broach