Morning Inspiration: "Set Your Own Table"

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Some people are simply meant to complain. I have friends that bitch about having nothing on their plate, the same friends bitch when there is too much on their plate. As my businesses diversify the most simplistic question constantly arises: what is too much on my plate? Some people pile up endeavors for the sake of pilling, never really getting to the base of the plate. Some don't like the contents of their plate to touch. Some couldn't care about what's on the plate, just that their is a plate. Each individual is different. Our comfort zones are determined by our dedication. What may be for you isn't for your neighbor. This is the age old story with parents. The most prestigious, aggressive of business people can have the flakiest of children. It isn't their chosen path that makes them un-happy, it's the enforcement of the paths of others. My goal with my son is to watch him be the best at what he wants to be! My plate may be #Versace, and it's ok if his is from the dollar store. It is only for the individual to decide, each has their own hunger level. Just remember, regardless everyone can sit at a table together. It's #tuesday and my personal plate is full, but I got many sets of fucking dishes in the cupboard. Set your own table. Serve your own meal. Decide your own portion. We all digest in a different way, indigestion is no way to live. #morninginspiration#vintageframes