Vintage Boss 4774 31 Sunglasses Available At Vintage Frames Shop

Hugo Boss is a German ,fashion and house designer . All designs were inspired by luxury , as the same lifestyle he was living . The shapes and rectangular , bold frames was what he wanted his frames to be. Keeping the lines clean and sleek , he wanted to give off a classy look. The colors he chose were strong and stood out . Dark tortoises , black and matte , along with metal tones . Although he chose strong and heavy colors , the materials are lightweight.
These Boss Sunglasses give out a strong look , can you pull it off? As they have a unique shape , it gives a retro feel to the sunglasses . The top frame is a Brown Silver  . The Lens is “Mirror “ , it’s different and stands out. These frames remind me of a sunset with the cool , retro color and shape. They are also a young and fun shade , dare to rock ? With the price of $224.99 these Boss 4774 31 can be yours  .  Visit the Vintage Frames Shop for these or other options .