Morning Inspiration: "Execution"

Morning Inspiration: "Execution"

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Every good thing takes time to build. Some take more then others, but each project will ultimately be determined by your labor and dedication. There are stages to life. Well planned execution will always beat jumping in blindly. If you plan where you jump, and know where to land, you are already ahead. I have been designing my whole life. It was almost too easy just to throw something into the market before it was my time. Despite my willingness to succeed, it was only the right time when I was scared not to fail. Like life, business is a well orchestrated combination of events. We hope to have more trial then error. We hope to have more good then bad. All we can ask of ourselves is to try our best. It is the combination of hard work, good intentions, and inner belief that will make the project as fruitful as it should be. A t-shirt is just a t-shirt if left alone, it only transforms to art if you work it. Zippers and fabric are just materials alone, when mixed together with the right finesse they come to life! Never be scared to try, never be scared to go against the grain. Just because someone creates something one way, doesn't mean you can't do it another. When you are ready to present to the world make sure you are truly ready to be seen. They may not have seen your vision before, but that just means you are just the right one to teach them how to see. It's #thursday and my #tbt has been brought to life 5 years in the fucking making. Get some#vintagesunglasses this is about to get blinding! Just because the world can see doesn't mean it knows how to see. You are only one person, but your visions can inspire an army. Stand tall, be proud, and keep walking forward. The time is now, the person is YOU!#morninginspiration #vintageframes

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