Vintage MCM 36 02 Sunglasses Available At The Vintage Frames Shop

MCM started 1976 , stands for “ Mode Creation Munich” in German year of 1976 . MCM also stands for the roman numerals “1900” symbolizing new concept of travel into the 20th century . MCM is a brand that crafts luxury goods , apparel and footwear for the seasonal travelers . MCM logo represents the Greek symbol for victory and achievement with honor . “The diamond symbolizes its value , strength and durability without compromise in beauty “
 As the company grew and people wanted to travel in luxury and comfort , handbags , book bags , luggage , and purses weren’t all that they wanted to create . Sunglasses was the next thing . As they knew travelers would need and want them , why not ?
As you see this specific pair are a MCM 36 02 have a purple frame ,a clear lens , and aviator shape . This style is simple compared to the other MCM collections, where the frame is much thicker. These are light for travelers , and cool with style .Even though having a clear lens is what’s shown , always know you can put a darker lens to make them into your everyday sunglasses , or put your prescription in them and rock them as an everyday. This MCM 36 02 runs at the price of $349.99 at our Vintage Frames Shop .