Morning Inspiration: "Live Without Regrets"

Morning Inspiration: "Live Without Regrets"

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People get down about failure. Sometimes it even prevents them from trying again. The reality of failure is it is a success! The truth is you tried, and that is more then what most people can say! Living without regret is one of the most important things to achieving a happy life! How do you know what will work unless you try! The most frequently asked question I get is how to overcome failure? The answer is not to see it as failure, rather to see it as schooling. Some people go to college for knowledge, and some people hit the street for the beat. As you will learn very quickly neither is more important. A teacher can only show you the way, it's up to you to put it to practice. When the dream of school has past everyone stands alone on the same pavement. Some learn by trial, some learn by error, the wise know what to digest for themselves. The most disappointing thing to see is waisted talent! We are all talented at something, find that special thing and thrive! It's #monday and my special talent is turning what I missed out on during my childhood into my current fucking reality. Reaching for the stars is fine and dandy, figuring out how to grab a star is a skill. A notion is just a notion until put into practice. An idea is just a thought until you try. Never be afraid to fall, you will always be able to pull yourself up again. That is what truly separates the strong from the weak. #morninginspiration#vintageframes

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