Morning Inspiration: "SHOW UP"

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Businessmen aren't trained for anything, they have the ability to try. Entrepreneurs don't know the outcome, they just aren't scared to fail. Moguls never knew how to build, they saw a spot and they infested it. The most successful of people will tell you they have no idea what they are doing! They will however tell you they are finding themselves. Entering an unknown lane is scary to some, yet exciting to others. It's how you harness that fear, and use it to drive, that powers your machine. When you show up, SHOW UP! With a giant leap of faith, know where you are jumping. Understand that playing field, be ready to fight. The most aggressive of businesses are run by gut instincts, that isn't something you learn in school. It is a feeling deep down inside that nobody can stop you, that nobody can stand in your way. If you have a goal, get to it! The only thing standing in your way is yourself. The road may be long but nothing in life worth accomplishing us easy. Stand tall, stay humble, and forever be #NOTORIOUS. It's #Wednesday at 6am and I'm on my way to feast my eyes on my greatest dream, my fucking #barbershop. It is easier to enter something green reaching for the sky, then red thinking you know it all. Experience is king, dedication is godly. Empires weren't built in a day, but they sure as hell used every second wisely. Conquer your fears, that will forever be your success. A vision only you can see, an accomplishment will remain Notorious forever. #morninginspiration#vintageframes