Morning Inspiration: "Fatherhood"

Morning Inspiration: "Fatherhood"

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Everyone is a father wether they know it or not. Fatherhood is a responsibility to perform by example. It is living not only for yourself, but for the sake of someone else. Everyone influences someone. Without a title, it is almost like a father figure. It was only until I found out that I was having a child that I started to take my life seriously. Say what you want, but that was the kick In the ass I needed. That was the point I stopped being selfish. That was the time I started to look to the future. There comes a turning point in everyone's life when they decide its time to grow up. That doesn't mean throwing away the #louboutins for a suit, it means planning for the future. We all have a catalyst to maturity, it comes in all shapes and sizes. All we can do is be open to the idea. The sooner we decide to truly see, the sooner we really start living. It's#tuesday and yes that little man in the picture is my son, and his #style is fucking shitting on me. Flashy #carscome with flashy maintenance. Big houses come with big taxes. Big dreams come with big expenses. Living in the now might mean living for that now in the future. There is always an A,B, and C to every A. Learn to act in the moment but live for tomorrow. I have seen to many stunt for the day, and search for tomorrow.#morninginspiration #vintageframes

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