Morning Inspiration: "A Good Idea Must Come To Life"


What use is a good idea without fruition? What is the point of brainstorming without the growth of the storm? What ever came from thinking, without doing? We all have good ideas, few act on them. A good idea is not good unless it comes to life. This world is full of to many "idea" guys, and not enough "get off your ass and do it" guys! Like a stoner cypher ideas come as fast as they go. Some never come to be because of funds. Some never come to be because of time. Some never come to be because of fear of failure. Here is the truth: there will always be people to help fund, there will always people to help with time, there is NO shame in failing. I never understood how an idea could be "good" unless you saw it through. Life is hit and miss, you never know what will hit until you try. Don't be scared to see things through, at the end of it all, you will not be living with regret. It's #monday and at 12pm we are dropping the #40ozny YO! Canada #snapback, lets see if it was a fucking good idea or not! At the end of the day all you have to impress if yourself. It is only you that has to live with the possibility of regrets. Get off your ass, and get to it! Only fools call a "good idea" until they try. #morninginspiration #vintageframes