Morning Inspiration: "Wisdom"

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What childhood brings is the decline of innocence. The brutal reality is when reality itself hits. The most powerful muscle in your body is your brain, the rest can all diminish over time. I have seen the strongest of men engage with the weakest of bodies and loose it all. I have seen the wisest of men disarm the most dangerous of situations with wit. Wars are fought with strength, but are won with wisdom. In life you will oppose, and be opposed. Dummies fight with fists, kings fight with their mind. That dude that was counted out in high school just fucked the prom queen. The homie stuffing dudes in lockers is now the dude that cleans the lockers. The coolest things about X-men to me wasn't that there was all these heroic mutants, yet that there was a cripple that fought with his mind. Being an 80's baby the most interesting thing in the cartoons was the strategists, not the super heroes. Even on the streets the block is taken with wisdom. Yes the strong will always fight, but the mind will always win. If you haven't realized it already, your pen is as strong as any sword. Train your mind like a weapon, never let anything stand in your way. It's #friday and every time I travel someone tries to take a shot at us, here's a sword, all I need is a fucking pen. Fighting is misplaced anger, often that person is waging a war with himself. You can wave your hands, scream, yell, fight, chances are all that will happen is some noise. People who look for problems hide from their own. The cheapest of pens will always be more dangerous then the most deluxe of swords.#morninginspiration #vintageframes