Morning Inspiration: "Take Your Destiny"

Morning Inspiration: "Take Your Destiny"

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Excuses come in all shapes and sizes. We all start at the bottom. Even the people who think they have started at the top are no better then the others. It's the climb that makes the man. It's the experiences that build character. The journey may be long. Some look at it as just stairs, others choose to make it a colorful journey. It is for you to determine your path. It is for you to determine your destiny. We are all guilty of making excuses. Whatever can be notably done tomorrow, can be done today. Laziness is a disease, excuses are a crutch. Without drive we have nothing. Without ambition we are blind. I choose to make life a game. Every stage has its reward, every button has its move. The agility of the player, the ambition of the hunt, the will to move forward is what ultimately determines the journey. Never be intimidated by others, chances are at one point they to we're intimidated. Never give up the climb, just envision the stairs in colors. Never give up what you believe in, time always prevails. You get one shot at being great, you are probably already great without even knowing it. It's #Thursday and after a 24 hour travel set I am back in #mintreal to continue my fucking climb. You may get tired, you may get discouraged, that just means you are doing it right! Nothing in life is easy, everything happens for a reason. Your destiny will always be in your hands, it's up to you to grab the joystick. Use scars as memories. Use failures as learning experience. The best aren't perfect, they just aren't lazy! #mornininspiration #vintageframes

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