Morning Inspiration: "Dr vs Hulk"

Morning Inspiration: "Dr vs Hulk"

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I had an appointment at a really#fashion forward spot in #japan today. The coolest thing about it was this life sized HULK statue. As I turned the camera to take a pic, the results were groundbreaking. The picture depicted the exact conflict in my life. I'm a Gemini which basically means I have two personalities. Like many others on one hand we are soft and kind. On the other we can unleash a rage. Life is about balance. Knowing when to be the "Dr", and knowing when to unleash the "hulk". Kindness is always the first resort. The wise give the benefit of the doubt, but never show there cards. Forgiveness is a virtu, but also a weakness at the same time. Knowing the differences between each is what makes the most balanced individuals. When someone crosses the line, well then it's time for the green guy! Never back down. Never curl your tail. Never let someone else walk all over you. Though some may be more extreme, everyone has a "hulk" side. There is nothing wrong with letting people know your boundaries and sternly showing the consequences. The intelligent draw that line in the sand. The bold let the world know what happens when they cross it. It's#Tuesday I think, and Japan was exactly what I needed to get my fucking Hulk in check. Balance is what life is all about. Moderation is how we will survive. Madness is how we will get ahead. Think like a doctor, strike like a Hulk. There is nothing wrong with balancing your green side. If you are a force to be reckoned with in your industry, it's always good to remind them why. #mornininspiration#vintageframes

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