Morning Inspiration: "The Crews"

Morning Inspiration: "The Crews"

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I remember the first time all our crews met. Young, ambitious, and rowdy we battled it out in NYC. Through thick and thin we had a goal in sight and we were letting nothing getting us sidetracked. People came, and people went but the true always prevailed. Six years later those same maniacs, a little fatter, a lot wiser, and still as ambitious are in the streets of Tokyo. All of us were underdogs from different walks of life. All of us were struggling. All of us were hungry. In life often the safest bet isn't the safest. Nine times out of ten it is the hunger of the long shots that will win the race. It doesn't matter where you come from, it only matters where you want to be. It is you that dictates life, not the opinion of others. Heart is in all of us, only the wise use it to battle. It's #monday and I'm lost in Tokyo and loving every fucking second of it. We aren't the best, we are just us. Everyone will be different along the way, it is the fight within that makes the man. Do you and never let anyone else tell you who YOU is. We are free to live. We are free to choose. We get one shot at life, make it count.#morninginspiration #vintageframes

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