Morning Inspiration: "Power Team"

Morning Inspiration: "Power Team"

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As we walk through the mean streets of #tokyo and I look behind me at my team I am reminded by the importance of team work. This picture represents a power unit, when one part is absent, the team isn't complete. Each of us stand alone as individuals, but together we can support a different weight. Each skill that is brought to the table makes the unit stronger, any gap is filled by the skill of another. Once we accept that we can walk the world alone, it is equally as important to try it together. The most valuable asset of an individual mogul is their ability to work and manage within a team. Even though one ant can move a branch, a colony can move a mountain. It is the combination of like minds that will allow you to be a power-force, there is a maximum that one can do alone. Put as much emphasis in the team as you do into your individual. You will soon see that a team can have an individuality all to its own. The most honest question is what you can't accomplish, the most honest answer is who can. It's#thursday and my team and I have been through thick and thin, we are the fucking throwback champions. Learn through trial, learn though error, life ain't shit without experience. Work hard, play hard, a game ain't no fun to play alone. Test yourself as an individual as well as a unit. My team might not be athletic, but our minds are as strong as the strength of seasoned athletes. In a game of red rover, we ain't worried who the fuck they send over. #morninginspiration#vintagesunglasses

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