Morning Inspiration: "My Circle"

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I take my family serious. Being an only child I hold my bonds thicker than blood. My brother rather than be born with me earned his title. I come from a weird state of mind, bonds are thicker than blood. Much like my circle would do for me, I protect it with all my might. My circle is tough like the strongest medal, what's within has no worries. On one side we are designer, on the other we are The Vintage Frames Company. My circle never judges, it accept and supports. My circle is different, it varies from each of our upbringings. My circle is complete, only by the joining of hands. Anything worth doing, is worth doing with meaning. I don't believe in creating for the sake of creation. Anyone can do, few can do with a purpose. As my circle heads to Japan we bring new members to our shape. With the induction of our Japanese family from @petz_666 (Junkmania) we bring forth a gesture of family. Our Power Circle pendent is about honor, not only for those who are part of us, but for those who believe in their own circle. While I see many social climb, often they forget to see the latter is already within. You can never be to careful who you choose. You can never be to careful who you put on. Triangles create pyramid like philosophy's . A circle shows you are complete. It's #tuesday and I'm about to spend my birthday on an 22 hour flight and my Japanese fam better have some fucking sake waiting at the gate. Squares have corners, who the fuck put them on edge. Triangles have always have one on top, who the fuck died and made them king. A circle showcases union, without that, it can never claim that shape. Think about life with the simplicity of shapes, you can solve any problems by simply trying to relate. #morninginspiration #vintageframes