Morning Inspiration: "Small Fish Big Sea"

Morning Inspiration: "Small Fish Big Sea"

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What i teach my son is that we are all little fish in a big sea. Life is a two way street. People go one way, others go the other. What makes us more complete as a people is how we co-exist. In business, teams are made up of many different minds. Ideas ultimately clash, but it's that respect for other people's opinions that create a united front. You may not share the opinion of others, but they have the right to have it. Every single one of us has the chance to own our choices. Some are straight up about it, others lack communication skills. On this two way street of life, we can either get into that lane, or drive quickly past. There is nothing more honest then people who are upfront and own their feelings. Right or wrong, everyone is entitled to their own. If someone dictates how they would like to be treated straight up, who the fuck are we to do otherwise. You may not have to accept it, but you should never judge it. The best businessmen listens, respects, and works around. Some of the greatest powerhouses I know have the most radical requests. What makes them powerhouses is that they own their choices and are comfortable and straight up about them without inflicting them onto others. It's #fridayand if you can't accept who I am, take the other road and fucking drive past. Life is a two way street it is your right to live within your lane. If you really believe in something, own it. If you really have a hard time with something, stand up for what you believe in. You can't stop people from being who they are, but you damn right can be vocal about your policies. Just because you listen and respect, doesn't mean you compromise. #morninginspiration#vintageframes

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