Morning Inspiration: "Winners Beat The Downs"

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Business is about the ups and downs of the journey. Entrepreneurship is about having the stomach to digest the ups and downs. Life comes in waves, the question you need to ask yourself is if you're ready to ride! Before starting any business the optimists look at the good, the realists examine the bad. Admitting to yourself wether you are capable of handling the pressure has no shame, it shows intellect. More businesses would succeed if people stopped hiding their head. Anticipating an issue but hoping it doesn't arise is no way to roll. Standing there and resolving it head on is. Through any bad, comes good, the key is sticking it out long enough to see the light. When the fog clears, it will be your logo shining in the dark of the night. It's #thursday and after every storm you will see our fucking logo shinny bright in the fog of the night. Be prepared for anything you in engage in. There is no shame in evaluating a situation and realizing its not for you. There is no shame in loosing after an attempt. There is shame when you can't honestly say you have it your all! Even in the darkest of situations, you have the chance to shine bright.#morninginspiration #vintageframes