Morning Inspiration: “Get Back Up”

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When I was young I got into a big bike accident. At a young age if it was up to me I would have never gotten back on my bike. With battle scars, a busted tooth, and a fat lip I had called it quits. After my accident most people would have taught me how to be more stable on the bike, I was taught how to recover. As a father I pick and choose what I wish to bestow on my son. Life lessons are passed down not to avoid my mistakes I've made in the past, but how to recover from his own. Life is a bumpy road and he will fall, it's how he gets back up that counts. I know kids who's parents would have put them in extra pads after an accident, mine taught me to stand right back up. Agility and determination outweigh smarts any day. Some of the smartest people I know do fuck all with their lives. As it starts to get to be the time to teach my son how to ride a bike I wonder what approach I'm going to take. To me, the way I teach him to ride a bike will ultimately determine many things in his life. I want him to learn to bike, but not rely on me constantly holding his seat. I want him to be safe, but never be afraid to fall. I want him to be cautious of the world around him, but never scared to ride into the unknown. Scars heal, life goes on, there is always another road. Much like riding a bike, never be scared to get back up after falling. The most interesting people in life are probably the people that fell the most. Without learning how to fall, how could you ever expect to know how to stand. It's#Wednesday and even though I fell yesterday, I'm standing on my two feet ready to fucking try again. Bruised, scrapped, and tired we live to bike another road. Agility will always be your greatest asset. The finesse of the fall will always be your greatest strength. The difference between a winner and a looser is that a winner knows how to loose.#morninginspiration #vintageframes