Morning Inspiration: “Keep Moving Forward”

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Without regret, we all should move forward. There are always things to strive for, there are always new mountains to climb. Our journeys should be light taking nothing with us but memories and life experiences. Our adventure should be exciting, life means nothing without the thrill of the unknown. We are what we are today because of the experiences of yesterday. Good or bad it is those sequences of events that have moulded us. When I was a kid I wore this #LaKings #snapback and I got into fights, it is a part of what shaped me. I tried to #spraypaint and realized it just wasn't my thing. The love for the #artmade me into a collector. I carried a#boombox constantly. That developed into a 25 foot #ghettoblaster wall. I tried to #skateboard and broke just about every board I stepped on! I#skied with #vintagesunglasses which aided me to develop the company I have today. It wasn't the successes of the past, it was the experiences that made me. When we forget who and what we are, we will never become. It is the passion for ones history that will ultimately dictate the present. The past will always stay behind us, but the experiences are what made us what we are today. It's #tuesday and some call me a hoarder, but I like to think of myself as a fucking historian. Turn downfalls into positives, use negatives to create change. Just when you think you are counted out, just remember, you are the only one counting. Life is a numbers game, if something doesn't stick, something else will. This endless journey is what we call life. It is time to start living. #morninginspiration#vintageframes