Morning Inspiration: "See You Today"

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As we gear closer to our 5pm in-store I take a moment to step back, and admire. Even though we aren't fully setup, I am proud of what we have accomplished. I see life in levels, as far as I'm concerned, level one is complete. As much as we do things for monetary gratification, the most important form of gratification is from our supporters. Without them riding from day one, we would be nothing but a bunch of creative ideas. I feel connected with our community, I am equally as excited to see them wear products as I am to hear feedback. I feel blessed by the community, rain or shine they have supported. I feel connected with the community, this is the major reason I take the time to write this evry morning. The social aspect is what we have decided to give back, no matter who, what, or where, you have all been invited to our table. Many businesses will forget the support they have received, those are the same businesses that have never really succeeded in the first place. A successful business is more than commerce, it's a family. Join us as we engage into level two of Vintage Frames, we will always be there to support you, the same way you have supported us! It's #Friday and#montreal is anxiously awaiting the famous "I'm up, I'm up" from my brother mother fucking @40oz_van. Business owner to business owner, products come second, people come first. The customer is NOT always right, but neither are we! Living with your community shows real love that can't be faked by any marketing agency. Progress as one, never leave someone behind. If you have forgot to show love back, it isn't to late. Always remember, a little appreciation, goes a long way. Let's get embark on this together, see you today homies!#morninginspiration #vintageframes