40oz Van Returns To Montreal: Get To Know 40's History Better

40oz Van Returns To Montreal: Get To Know 40's History Better

August 2008: The 40 Oz Bounce:

A BBQ event that 40 hosted for his friends and local community through social media, which drew thousands of people. The event expanded and he teamed up with street wear brands and corporate sponsors  to bring the BBQ to a larger scale.

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July 2010: The Tumblr

After his original tumblr account got shut down for posting ‘pornographic video’ 40 re-launched his tumblr (a site he still manages today) dedicated to posting original photos of voluptuous women. He also uploaded his taste in music, often displaying new and upcoming artists. His material was new and refreshing and came from original sources.  He has had over 10 million page views to date.

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September 2010: Blow Hip Hop Interview

Blow Hip Hop interviewed 40oz Van to find out more about his tumblr and how he created it.

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February 2011: Van Appears on NBC News

40oz Van discusses his stories of people posing as him online with NBC News.

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May 2011: The Bounce vs NYPD, MTA

Due to the huge popularity of 40’s Bounce event, the NYPD attempted to shut it down. They shut the area down, sent helicopters to hover over the area and ordered people to leave. The MTA also got involved and ordered trains to bypass 181 st station which was the stop people got off at for the event.

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September 2011: Fashion 40

Street wear labels Prohibit and Deadline team up with 40oz to create t-shirt lines.

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June 2012: Balmain Inspired

40 continues his innovative genius when he releases his first Balmain inspired cap. The difference with his release is the shop was only opened for 12 hours and after the time expired you could never buy the hat again. After the sale he would release how many sales he received. This created such exclusivity for his brand and set his next sale up for huge success.

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December 2012: The Source 2 Page Spread

The Source invites 40 to create an article with his tastes in music, women, and fashion.

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January 2013: Blow Hip Hop TV Interview 2

Blow interviews Van for the second time to catch up with his new successes in the hat industry.

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February 2013: Van teams up with Vintage Frames

40 oz Van teams up with Vintage Frames and their maniac CEO Corey Shapiro to launch the Rich hat. After huge success they teamed up again shortly after to launch the MTL cap.

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March 2013: Larry Clark’s “Kids” Inspired Snap Back Release

40 releases his “Kids” inspired hat.

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May 2013: Van and Trapstar

40oz Van teams up with London based Trapstar to release the LDN snapback.

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The Latest

40oz Van is in Montreal for the release of the YO! Canada hat. 40oz and Vintage Frames have teamed up again and are ready to shut Montreal down. The hat releases tomorrow Friday June 7 at Stylexchange (1500 Mcgill Ave) from 5-9. Corey Shapiro and 40oz Van will be live at the event. The whole team will be partying afterwards at Suwu Montreal to celebrate the continued partnership.


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