Morning Inspiration: “Switch The Light”

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We all have "IT" inside of us. The difference between us is what we end up doing with "IT"! Life is a series of motions, hopefully we are strong enough to look forward. Inside of us all there is a light. Some can access it easier then others. Some have tuned it to turn on by command. Some need to reach to electrify. Success is a combination of a few things: willingness to fail, willingness to work, and willingness to do whatever it takes to prevail. Life is a useless circle when things are handed to you. Without labor and sweat you will never understand how to enjoy. If you cannot enjoy, then there is no point. Half the fun of life is turning on that light, you will see that in many cases the end does not justify the means. People are so concerned working for something, they often neglect to see the beauty of the work itself. Sometimes the most rewarding thing in life, might just be turning on "that light". Reach for that switch, hover if you must, whatever you do find that "light" and start the current. It's #Thursday and flipped that fucking switch and am ready to electrify! If you can't find "it", you haven't looked hard enough! If "it" comes to easy, you are concentrating on the wrong thing. We all have sockets, we all have bulbs, the challenge is putting the two together.#morninginspiration #vintageframes