Perceptions From The Outside

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Regardless of what you do, people will create assumptions and judge. Throughout life, there are times when these assumptions and judgments can sometimes become overwhelming. However, at the end of the day, its our own personal choice on whether we let them stop our progress. I say all that to say this, anytime your in public drinking out of a styrofoam cup people automatically will judge. Little do they know, this cup is not just a drinking utensil, but a promotional item as well. By applying a product that is so universal and used daily by everyone, I feel it's genius to slap our logo on a cup. So next time someone looks at you awkward because you are walking around drinking out of a branded styrofoam cup, just tell them its for promotion.

June 7th inside Suwu the party is going to go down and were drinking all night in these Vintage Styrofoam cups.