Lady In A Snapback


The Snapback is predominantly part of male culture and has rose again to become a huge trend. Although, the snapback is usually seen on a male, all ladies should have at least 1 snapback part of there wardrobe. A woman wearing a snapback shows she has confidence and the versatility to look sexy in anything. Whether your going shopping, casual chilling with some friends, heading to the beach, or hitting the gym, a snapback will give you that determined look and people will surely get out of your way. If your a trailblazer type of lady, a snapback will express your mindset in your style.


Vintage Frames has teamed up with one of the most well known snapback brands, 40oz Van. Together we have created some of the best selling snapbacks and we are definitely not done yet. The release of the YO Canada snapback is almost a week away. If your looking for a cap to start your new snapback collection the YO Canada is the one to check out. Do not hesitate because we expect them to move fast.

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